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[I’m trying to finish a paper, meaning all time not spent in painful gestation feels guilty. With super storms, the unfolding tragedy of our bedraggled reef and a certain wobbliness on the personal front, sometimes things seem a little bleak. …

Luciérnagas (fireflies) Read More »

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Bandanas are distributed, paper mache boats in hand. Fishers and local government workers cluster around the board. We’re a couple of rounds into the fishing game. Some have lost, others have hit the jackpot, in that lexicon of luck and …

“Don’t take it seriously”: the rules of serious games Read More »

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I am sitting outside the plenary session of the Australian Science Communicators’ Conference, February 2012. Wagging sessions is not encouraged, but I’m suddenly a little unsure as to what has brought me here – my background in ecology and development …

Ecology of persuasion: a mug’s game? Read More »

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