“Find one or two women” A manifesto for the times

It was about 3 months ago that I decided that every last citation that I would include in the yet-unwritten parts of my PhD thesis would have at least one female author/editor.

Sick to death of seeing strings of male authors, speakers, panellists and editing boards, sick to death of the constant barrage of both quantitative and qualitative evidence that women have to be better to get not as far, and sick to death of incredible support work going unacknowledged, I made a low-key thought bubble promise to myself.

I would check initials, and find bios. I would search out the uncited, the ignored and the obscure, if necessary. I would favour certain contributions over others. I would use Butler, not Goffman. Jasanoff, not Functowitz.

The news about the PLOS reviewer who recommended that Fiona Ingleby find ‘one or two male biologists’ has only cemented my conviction that the time has come for affirmative action across the board. Starting with just my, admittedly lowly and as yet unpublished, list of references.

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